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Our Staff

Our Staff

Seid Mohammed Berhan

Founder & Chief Executive officer

    Message from founder & chief executive officer

    You may feel surprised when I tell you the fact that I start business using a single used cloth patching machine I bought Birr 1,000 ($50) with in a shop I rent with a monthly payment of Birr 20 ($1) around Merkato area 30 years ago.

    Frankly speaking I were challenged & paid a lot. The political situation was not good & suitable for work. Since there was no light, I was obliged to work with a candle light overnight. I had a great place for my small number of customers. I was always struggling to maximize their satisfaction & keep my words. By doing so, I can build a stream of loyal customers with in short period of time. The only secret behind my fortune is commitment & passion to work, not missing the fact that the source & basis for my success is my esteemed customers.

    At that time I was one, but now we are thousands working hard to strive our vision being a figure for modern life style brand in Eastern & Southern African countries.

    Finally, I want to underline on a fact that, to be successful in any business phenomena, we business owners & marketers should have to hear & work for our customers, not only to maximize their satisfaction, but also to add value for their overall wellbeing.


    “We deliver not only product & service , but also value!”

    In today`s changing world, customers are looking for modern, stylish and fashionable products. Our company produces quality suits and specialized knitwear-products having impressive & elite grace with various designs & styles keeping the track of the latest market-trends and delivers it through 90 sales centers we open throughout the country selling at the same price.

    We make a strong commitment to address, delight and excite our esteemed customers and strive to make a difference in our workplace operating with the highest level of integrity and always finding new ways to improve our business operations.

    Using the opportunity of well-known national brand and wealth of experience in the suit business, we are flourishing under the fashion industry in Ethiopia. We are on the right track to strive our vision being a figure for modern life style brand in Eastern & Southern African countries.

    We are also working hard to upgrade the technical skill of our staff and thus our salesmen’s are also your fashion consultant. Am confident enough to assure you that you will be delighted after visiting our shops and you will realize that we offer you not only product & service, rather value.

    Finally, I want to ask our esteemed customers to visit & enjoy our website and forward there constructive comment & suggestions in person or through mail & telephone.

    Thank you!

    Meet Our Administration Staff

    Seid Mohammed Birhan

    Founder & Chief Executive officer

      Haron Seid

      Chief operation officer