Ambassador Garment & Trade plc


Slide Welcome to ambassador Our company`s story starts from a single young man patching cloth in a remote
part of thecountry using an ordinary machine in the early 1980`s.
Due to his clear vision, great passion and commitment to work, such a small business
grows remarkably and established as Ambassador Garment & Trade PLC in 1997. Within
the past two decades, the company can ensure sustainable growth and become
a leading men suit manufacturer in Ethiopia.
Our Marketing In today`s changing world, customers are looking for modern, stylish and fashionable
products. Our company mainly prefers to compete by producing quality products for
different market segments through building its brand.

Slide Our Products Our company is mainly known for its quality and fashionable
men’s suit. Besides men suit, it produce and deliver lady’s
suit, on which we are pioneer to manufacture at factory
level, kid's suit, trouser, coat, carport,
merchandise products like shoe, shirt, necktie, sock, belt,
scarf and other specialized knitwear-products keeping the track of
the latest market-trends.
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